Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
How do I order solar for my home?
What is the status of my project?
How do I get in contact with my Sales Representative?
Can I cancel my order?
How long will it take from the time I order to installation of my system?
Site Survey and Design
Can I make changes to my system?
How long does it take to complete my design after the site survey?
How does Better Earth design my system?
What happens at the site survey?
Do I need to provide a utility bill?
How do I review my design and payment details?
Why does my solar design show panels on the north side of my roof?
What is the difference between no-backup, partial backup and whole home backup with battery storage?
What can a battery system back up?
I would like to add more panels, can I do that?
Cost, Payment and Incentives
Will the final price change after I place my order?
Will I still have a utility bill?
Will I obtain tax credits and other incentives?
When is my payment due?
How can I pay?
Homeowner’s Associations
Do I need to obtain approval from my Homeowners Association (HOA) to proceed with Installation?
What do I do if my HOA approved my project?
What do I do if my HOA denied my project?
When will I be able to schedule my installation?
How do I prepare for my installation?
What equipment is being installed at my home? Where is it being placed?
Do I need to be home during installation?
Can I ask the crew to change the design on the day of installation?
How long will the installation crew be at my house?
What happens after the system is installed? Can I turn it on right away?
Inspection and Utility Approval
How long does it take for the inspection to occur?
How do I prepare for my inspection?
How long does the inspection take?
What happens after the inspection passes?
Is there anything I can do to help the utility process move quicker?
What are tier-one panels?
What is the benefit of SolarEdge inverters?
What does a Power Optimizer do?
What mounting equipment does Better Earth use?
What battery options are available?
How does system monitoring work?
What if I need a re-roof?
How do I get access to Solar Edge to monitor my system?
Can I add the cost of the reroof to my solar financing?
What if I have an issue with the equipment or production?
How can I get assistance fast when experiencing an urgent issue?
Other Benefits
What is Givepower?
What is Pearl Certification?
Warranties and Guarantees
What is a performance guarantee?
Is there a roof warranty?
Is there an installation timeline guarantee?
General Questions
Site Survey and Design
Cost, Payment and Incentives
Homeowner’s Associations
Inspection and Utility Approval
Other Benefits
Warranties and Guarantees